Before you begin:

This will require administrative rights on the PC.

Do not connect the printer to the PC before the driver is installed.

This applies to the StickerFactory 4800PC/4820PC (not 4850PC).

These steps are for Windows 10.  Other operating systems may have minor differences.

1. Download the driver file attached to this article.

2. Extract the files from the downloaded zip file.  Right-click the file and Extract All, then click Extract.

3. Enter the SF4800PC_SF4820PC_v5_Drivers folder and then double-click PrnInst.exe.  Click Yes on the User Account Control prompt.

4. Click Next, click Install Printer, then choose the printer to install and click Next.

5. If you will be connecting the printer via USB, leave the port selection on LPT1.  LPT1 is also typically the correct port for using a parallel cable.  If your PC has a parallel port add-on card, it may not be LPT1, it could be LPT2 or 3, consult Windows Device Manager to determine the port number.  To do this, right-click the Start button, click Device Manager, then expand the section titled Ports (COM & LPT).  Once you have selected the correct port, click Finish.

USB Cable:

Parallel Cable:

6. Click the Start button and type Control Panel then click the Best Match option.  Click View devices and printers.  If you are using a USB printer, right-click the StickerFactory printer and click Remove Device, then click Yes.  You may now connect the printer to the PC.  Wait for the installation to finish and the printer to appear.

7. Now we need to set the printer defaults.  Right-click the printer and then click Printing Preferences.  For the size, enter the dimensions of the most common sticker size that you will be using.  Click the Advanced Setup tab and choose Continuous for the Media type.  Click OK.

Your printer is now installed.